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Saints For Wives And Moms

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

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Here are four relatable saints whom every wife and mom can aspire to emulate.

Our Lady of Guadalupe acrylic on canvas
Our Lady of Guadalupe by @weenacontrerasart

The Blessed Virgin Mary

She may not be considered a Saint but I think she would inspire and intercede for all wives and mothers

Feast Day: Many. See Marian feast days here

Patronage: mothers, childbirth and all humanity

How to get to know her more:

1. Do a the 33 Day Consecration to Mary using this book:

33 Days To Morning Glory by Fr. Donald H. Calloway

2. Celebrate her feast days - Read more about Marian feast days and when to celebrate here and here

3. Get a Mary peg saint doll for Mom on her birthday of Mother’s Day

4. Pray the Rosary as a family.

watercolor portrait of St. Clare of Assisi by @weenacontrerasart with the help of
Saint Clare of Assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi

Feast Day: August 11

Patronage: laundry, embroiderers, needle-workers, eye disease, goldsmiths, gilders, good weather, telephones, telegraphs, and television

How to get to know her more:

1. Read about her on and CNA

2. Celebrate her feast day. Lots of celebration ideas at Catholic Culture and Everything Is Grace

3. Seek her intercession through novenas and prayers.

watercolor portrait of Saint Gianna by
Saint Gianna Bretta Molla

Saint Gianna Bretta Molla

Feast Day: April 28

Patronage: mothers, physicians, and unborn children

How to get to know her more:

1. Read more about her at and Vatican News

2. Celebrate her feast day. Celebrating at home ideas at Catholic Culture

3. Ask for her intercession for pregnant mothers or add her name to the litany of Saints that you pray during family prayer time.

watercolor portrait of St. Monica of Hippo by
Saint Monica of Hippo

Saint Monica of Hippo

Feast Day: August 27

Patronage: wives, mothers, difficult marriages, alcoholics, conversion

How to get to know her more:

1. Read more about him at Church Pop and

2. Celebrate her feast day. Celebrating at home ideas plus recipes at

3. Include prayers and novenas to Saint Monica in your personal prayer time.

infographic of Saints for wives and moms
Saints for Wives and Moms

Do you have any other go to Saints for wives and moms? Who are they? Tell me about them in the comments.

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