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Celebrating the Feast of Saint Nicholas: Activities, Stories, and Sweet Treats for Families

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The Feast of Saint Nicholas, celebrated on December 6th, holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially within the Catholic community. Saint Nicholas, known for his generosity and compassion, is revered as the patron saint of children, sailors, and the falsely accused. His legacy of anonymous gift-giving and care for the less fortunate has inspired various cultural traditions around the world. As we approach this joyous occasion, let's explore some engaging activities, heartwarming stories, and a delightful recipe to commemorate the life and deeds of this beloved saint with our families.

Activities and Games:

Begin the day with a thrilling treasure hunt, letting the little ones unravel hidden surprises. Dive into an afternoon of creative crafts, crafting unique Saint Nicholas-themed decorations to adorn the house. End the evening with a delightful baking session, where the whole family can bond over making scrumptious gingerbread cookies or traditional Speculaas.

The Quest for Kindness Game: Saint Nicholas Treasure Hunt

Embark on a thrilling adventure as we celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicholas with a special treasure hunt – "The Quest for Kindness." This game is designed for children ages 5 to 10, blending excitement with the values of generosity and compassion associated with Saint Nicholas.

Materials Needed:

  • Small gifts and treats (candies, small toys, stickers, etc.)

  • Paper and markers for creating clues

  • Small bags or containers for each participant to collect treasures


1. Begin with a Story: (see book suggestions in this post)

Gather the children and set the scene by sharing a brief story about Saint Nicholas and his acts of kindness. Emphasize the importance of spreading joy and generosity, setting the tone for the "Quest for Kindness."

2. Create Bags:

Provide each child with a small bag or container to collect their treasures. You can decorate these bags with Saint Nicholas symbols or Christmas motifs to add to the festive spirit.

3. Clues: Print the clues on cardstock and cut them.

The Quest for Kindness Game
Download PDF • 803KB

Answer to Clue 1: Near the Christmas tree.

Answer to Clue 2: Where toys and games are kept.

Answer to Clue 3: In the bedroom or sleeping area.

Answer to Clue 4: In the kitchen, near the dining area.

Answer to Clue 5: On a bookshelf or near books.

4. Hiding the Clues:

Place the clues in various locations, indoors or in the backyard. Make sure each clue leads to the next hiding spot. The final clue should lead to the treasure trove.

5. Hidden Treasures:

Hide small gifts and treats in the last hiding spot. This could be a basket or box filled with goodies that each child can discover at the end of the treasure hunt.

6. Start the Quest:

Hand the children the first clue, and let the adventure begin! As they decipher each clue and find the hidden treasures, they are not only enjoying the game but also learning about the joy of giving and receiving.

Gather the children together once the treasure hunt is complete. Reflect on the values of kindness and generosity that Saint Nicholas embodies. Commend the young adventurers for their participation in "The Quest for Kindness," reinforcing the importance of spreading love and joy during the festive season.

Arts and Crafts:

Find some interesting Arts and crafts activities on St. Nicholas here:

Children's Books:

Immerse your family in the enchanting world of Saint Nicholas through captivating tales such as Aaron Shepard's "The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale" and Dandi Daley Mackall's "The Legend of Saint Nicholas," which beautifully capture the essence of Saint Nicholas's compassion and selflessness. Julie Stiegemeyer's "Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend" is another recommended read that embodies the spirit of giving and love for humanity that Saint Nicholas embodies.

YouTube Videos:

For a deeper understanding of Saint Nicholas's life, watch YouTube videos with the whole family.

Who was Saint Nicholas by National Geographic is a great way to introduce the saint.

If your children already know Santa, Nicholas: The Boy Who became Santa, The Saints and Heroes Collection by Encourage TV offers an engaging and educational narrative for children,

Additionally, the VeggieTales' episode "Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend" weaves a delightful tale of kindness and giving, perfect for family viewing during this festive season,

To delve further into the history and significance of Saint Nicholas, consider watching the informative Saint Nicholas by Catholic Online.

For families with older children, you may enjoy Saint Nicholas: The Real Story (2015) | Full Movie by Vision Video

For families with older children (Ages 9-and up), try these activities:

St. Nichol Trivia game

Saint Nicholas Trivia Night: Organize a fun trivia night with questions centered around the life and legends of Saint Nicholas, Christmas traditions, and historical facts related to the feast day. Encourage friendly competition among the older children, and provide small prizes for the winners.

St. Nicholas Trivia Game
Download PDF • 7.19MB

St. Nicholas story telling prompts activity

DIY Saint Nicholas Storytelling: Encourage older children to craft their own modern interpretations of the Saint Nicholas legend. They can create short stories, comic strips, or even simple videos that highlight Saint Nicholas's spirit of kindness and giving. This activity fosters creativity and helps them connect with the essence of the feast day.

St Nicholas Storytelling Prompts
Download PDF • 5.85MB

For Older Teens:

  • Charity Challenge or Volunteer Work: Encourage teens to participate in a local charity event or volunteer at a community organization in honor of Saint Nicholas. Engaging in activities such as serving at a food bank, organizing a clothing drive, or spending time with the elderly fosters a deeper understanding of the values of compassion and selfless giving associated with Saint Nicholas.

Recipe for Families: Speculaas Cookies:

Embrace the culinary traditions of other cultures in the season by preparing delightful speculaas cookies. Combining the warmth of festive spices with the sweetness of a cherished family recipe, these cookies will surely add an extra dash of joy to your Saint Nicholas celebration.

For more information and a recipe for Speculaas cookies, visit

Here's another recipe for speculaas cookies from Catholic Culture

If these cookies seem a bit difficult for you, try making Sprits. The recipe is also from Catholic Culture.

Join us in honoring the legacy of Saint Nicholas and embracing the spirit of giving and compassion as we come together to celebrate this festive occasion. Let this Feast of Saint Nicholas be a time for family, love, and cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas! May you and your family celebrate this day and the rest of the Advent season, with love and joy.

God bless you.

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