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K-2 Catechism Lesson: Noah's Ark - A Tale Trust and Hope

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Weekly Lesson Plan: Noah's Ark - Genesis 6:9-22

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To start the lesson, settle the children and show them the Bible. Let them know that today's lesson will be about Noah's Ark, a story from the Bible. Show them the Bible passage Genesis 6:9-22 and give them a brief summary of the story of Noah and the Ark. To engage the children, ask questions such as, "Have you ever seen a big boat before?" or "What animals do you think would be on Noah's Ark?" This will help spark their curiosity and get them thinking about the story. Lesson Focus 1: God's Command to Noah

Teaching the lesson of God's command to Noah is important because it shows God's faithfulness, the value of obedience, and the importance of standing firm in one's faith. It teaches children to trust in God, obey His commands, and have confidence in His promises.

Read-aloud suggestion: "Noah's Ark" by Lucy Cousins

Discuss how God spoke to Noah and gave him a special command to build an ark.

Talk about how Noah obeyed God and followed His instructions.

Emphasize the importance of listening to God and obeying His commands.

Arts and Crafts Activity: Build an Ark

Provide materials such as construction paper, markers, scissors, and glue.

Instruct the children to create their own ark using the materials.

Encourage them to be creative and add animals, rainbows, or other elements to their arks. After they finish, ask each child to share something they included in their ark and why.

Girl building a  cardboard Noah's Ark

Lesson Focus 2: Animals on the Ark

The lesson focus on "Animals on the Ark" is important because it teaches students about the concept of biodiversity and the importance of preserving and protecting different animal species. By learning about the animals that were supposedly on Noah's Ark, students can understand the variety of species that exist in the world and the need for conservation efforts to prevent the extinction of these animals. This lesson focus also introduces students to the idea of ecosystems and how each animal plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of these ecosystems. Overall, teaching about animals on the Ark helps students develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the living creatures that inhabit it.

Discuss how Noah gathered animals and brought them into the ark.

Talk about how God made sure all the animals were safe during the flood.

Highlight the diversity of animals and how God cares for all His creations.

toy animals and ark

Physical Activity: Animal Charades

Explain the rules of charades to the children. Assign each child an animal and have them act it out without making any sounds. The other children can guess which animal is being portrayed. Encourage creativity and movement during this activity.

Animal Charades

Lesson Focus 3: God's Promise and Rainbow

The lesson focus of God's Promise and Rainbow is to teach children about God's promise to never flood the earth again and the symbol of the rainbow as a reminder of this promise. It is important to teach this lesson because it helps children understand that God is faithful and keeps His promises. It also teaches them about the significance of symbols in the Bible and how they can serve as reminders of God's love and faithfulness. This lesson focus can also help children develop a sense of awe and wonder for God's creation and His power to bring about new beginnings.

Read-aloud suggestion: "Noah's Ark" by Jerry Pinkney

Discuss how after the flood, God made a promise to never destroy the earth with a flood again.

Talk about how God showed His promise by placing a rainbow in the sky.

Discuss the significance of rainbows and how they remind us of God's faithfulness.

Rainbow coloring page

Recipe: Rainbow Fruit Salad


- Strawberries

- Oranges

- Pineapple

- Kiwi

- Blueberries

- Grapes


1. Wash and cut the fruits into bite-sized pieces.

2. Arrange the fruits in a bowl, creating a rainbow pattern.

3. Serve the fruit salad to the children, discussing the colors of the rainbow as they enjoy it.

rainbow fruit salad

Recap the main points of the lesson, emphasizing God's command to Noah, the animals on the ark, and God's promise with the rainbow.

Close the lesson with a prayer, thanking God for His faithfulness and for teaching us important lessons through Noah's Ark.

I encourage you to share this blog post with others and leave a comment below to let us know what you learned or any thoughts you have about the lesson. May God bless you and keep you safe, just as He did with Noah and the animals on the ark.

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