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Three Wise Men Scavenger Hunt: A Magical Epiphany Adventure

Three Wise Men Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Three Wise Men Scavenger Hunt, where your little ones will embark on a thrilling journey to discover treasures just like the Magi did! This activity is designed for children aged 4 to 10 years old and promises a world of excitement and joy. So, gather your little adventurers and let the hunt begin!

Materials Needed:

  • Three small gifts or items representing the gifts of the Wise Men (gold, frankincense, and myrrh).

  • Index cards or paper for writing clues.

  • Colorful markers or pens.

  • Optional: Small bags or boxes to hold the treasures.

Mechanics and Rules:

  1. Hide the Treasures:

  • Before the scavenger hunt begins, hide the three treasures around your home. Make sure the hiding spots are age-appropriate and safe for the little ones.

  1. Prepare Clues:

  • Write a set of clues leading from one hiding spot to the next. Craft the clues with a touch of mystery, and feel free to incorporate elements from the Epiphany story for an educational twist.

  1. Start the Hunt:

  • Gather the children and explain the rules. Each child or team will receive the first clue, leading them to the location of the first treasure.

three wise men scavenger hunt

  1. Follow the Clues:

  • As they solve each clue, the children will move from one hiding spot to the next until they discover all three treasures. Encourage teamwork and cooperation, making it a memorable family experience.

  1. Celebrate the Discovery:

  • Once the children find all the treasures, celebrate their success! You can have a small ceremony where each child presents their treasure and shares what they know about the Wise Men's gifts.

Clue Cards:

three wise men scavenger hunt clue cards

Customizable Template:

Prize Suggestions:

  • Small bags of gold-wrapped chocolate coins for the "gold" treasure.

  • A scented candle or incense for the "frankincense" treasure.

  • A small bath bomb or scented lotion for the "myrrh" treasure.

Remember, the Three Wise Men Scavenger Hunt is all about joy, discovery, and family bonding. Feel free to customize the clues and prizes to suit the interests of your little adventurers. Happy hunting! 🌟✨

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