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Making Mass Meaningful for Children: Strategies for Helping Them Love the Mass

Updated: May 21

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Hey there fellow parents! If you're anything like me, you know the struggle of trying to keep a curious and active young mind engaged during Mass. With a wiggly 2 to 6-year-old in tow, finding ways to making mass meaningful for children can be quite the challenge. But fear not, I've been there and I'm here to share some practical strategies that have worked wonders for me and my little ball of energy.

1. Early Bird Gets the Pew: Arrive a little early to secure a spot where your child can see and feel part of the action. Being close to the altar can captivate their attention and make them feel like an active participant.

family with little one early for mass

2. Pre-Mass Prep Talks: Just like you'd prepare your child for a playdate, prep them for Mass. Talk about the significance of going to church, even if it's in simple terms. Mention that it's a time to be quiet, listen, and show respect.

3. Kid-Friendly Liturgical Accessories: Let your child pick a special book or a quiet toy to bring along. A soft toy that doesn't squeak or make loud noises works wonders. It's a great way to keep their hands occupied and their minds engaged.

4. Whispered Explanations: Throughout the Mass, offer gentle whispers of explanation about what's happening. Share the names of different parts of the church, point out the priest and choir, and highlight moments like the Eucharist.

5. Interactive Prayers: During prayers, involve your child in a whisper by saying simple prayers together. "Thank you for our family," "Please help those in need," and "We love you, Jesus" are easy ways to connect their little hearts to the moment.

6. Sing and Sway: Children love music! Encourage your child to join in the hymns. Hold their hands and sway to the rhythm, making the experience more interactive and enjoyable.

sing and sway with babies at mass

7. Familiarize Your Child: Before attending Mass, use resources like the free printable Making Mass Meaningful activity pack to familiarize your child with what they will see and expect. This pack includes coloring pages, mazes, and other fun activities that teach about the different parts of the Mass. Consider purchasing the full pack for even more engaging activities.

Get the FREE Printable Making Mass Meaningful pack here:

FREE Making Mass Meaningful K-2 Activity Pack (1)
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Here's a peek at the full Making Mass Meaningful pack:

Get the full Making Mass meaningful pack here:

Now, let's talk about what NOT to do:

Don't Force Silence: Let's face it, expecting complete silence from a young child is unrealistic. Instead of shushing them constantly, embrace their questions and soft chatter with grace.

Avoid Over-Explaining: Keep explanations short and sweet. Young minds have a short attention span, so avoid diving into a lengthy theological discourse.

Skip the Snacks: While a quiet snack may seem like a lifesaver, it can be distracting to others and takes away from the sacred atmosphere.

Dear parents, I know it can be challenging, but remember that you're not alone. The early years are a wonderful time to instill a sense of spirituality in your child. By incorporating these easy strategies into your Mass routine, you're sowing the seeds for a lifelong connection to faith.

preschooler praying at church

So, continue bringing your little ones to Mass. Your dedication might result in some fidgeting and wiggling, but it will also create lasting memories and a strong foundation of faith. Together, let's make Mass not just a routine, but a beautiful experience for both you and your child.

Blessings on your journey of faith and parenting!

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