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A Staircase To The Sky: The Tower of Babel Bible Story

Weekly Lesson Plan: The Tower of Babel - Genesis 11:1-9

The tower of Babel story

Begin the lesson by gathering the children in a circle and introducing the story of the Tower of Babel bible story . Explain that this story is from the Bible and it teaches us about unity, communication, and the importance of humility. Show them pictures of towers or buildings and ask if they know any famous towers. Talk about the different languages spoken around the world.

Lesson Focus 1: Unity and Cooperation

The lesson focuses on teaching unity and cooperation to children, emphasizing the importance of working together towards a common goal. This helps them develop essential social skills and values necessary for personal and professional success. It also promotes a positive classroom environment where students feel valued and included.

After reading the Tower of Babel Story, invite your child/ren to build a tower using building blocks or Legos. Talk about the story and encourage the children to take turns.

Read-aloud suggestion: "The Big Umbrella" by Amy June Bates is recommended. Arts and Crafts Activity: Build a Tower using recycled materials

building a tower using recycled materials

  1. Gather a variety of recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper towel rolls, and egg cartons. Make sure they are clean and dry.

  2. Start by selecting a sturdy base for your tower, such as a large cardboard box or a flat piece of wood.

  3. Use tape or glue to secure the base to a stable surface, such as a table or the floor.

  4. Begin building your tower by stacking and connecting the recycled materials. You can cut and shape them as needed to create different levels and structures.

  5. Use tape, glue, or even string to hold the materials together and make them more stable.

  6. As you build, consider the balance and stability of your tower. Make adjustments if necessary to ensure it stands upright.

  7. Get creative with your design! Add color and decoration using paint, markers, or other craft supplies.

  8. Once your tower is complete, step back and admire your creation. You can even challenge yourself or others to see who can build the tallest or most unique tower.

  9. If desired, take pictures of your tower and share them with others to inspire their own recycled art projects.

Physical Activity: "Capture the Flag" Children will learn to work together as a team, strategize, and communicate effectively to achieve a common objective. This activity will reinforce the importance of unity and cooperation in a fun and active way.

Lesson Focus 2: Communication and Language

The lesson aims to teach children the importance of effective communication and the power of language in connecting with others. It includes activities that encourage clear expression, active listening, and the use of descriptive words. Teaching communication and language skills is essential for children to develop strong interpersonal skills and the ability to express themselves effectively. It helps them succeed in personal relationships, academics, and future careers. By teaching clear communication and active listening, we empower children to confidently express their thoughts, engage in meaningful conversations, and build strong relationships. Teaching descriptive language enhances their vocabulary and communication skills, allowing them to express their thoughts and experiences in a more detailed and engaging way. Read-aloud suggestion: "The Mixed-Up Chameleon" by Eric Carle

Activity: Language Game Get the FREE Printable here:

Descriptive discovery
Download PDF • 16.82MB

Arts and Crafts Activity: Create a Tower Collage

tower collage

Materials: - Construction paper or cardstock - Scissors - Glue or tape - Markers or crayons - Magazines or catalogs with pictures of towers or buildings Instructions: 1. Begin by discussing different types of towers and buildings with the children. Show them pictures from magazines or catalogs to inspire their creativity. 2. Give each child a piece of construction paper or cardstock as their base. 3. Have the children cut out pictures of towers or buildings from the magazines or catalogs. 4. Encourage them to arrange and glue the pictures onto their base to create their own tower collage. They can overlap the pictures or create a layered effect. 5. Once the pictures are secured, the children can use markers or crayons to add additional details or decorations to their collage. 6. Display the tower collages around the classroom or on a bulletin board to showcase the children's creativity and unity. Physical Activity: Tower Building Relay

Materials: - Building blocks or Legos Instructions: 1. Divide the children into teams of 4-6 members. 2. Set up a designated area for each team to build their towers. 3. Place a pile of building blocks or Legos at the starting line for each team. 4. Explain that each team will take turns building their tower, one block at a time, in a relay race format. 5. When the race begins, the first team member will run to the pile of blocks, grab one, and bring it back to their team's designated area to add to the tower. 6. Once they have placed their block, they will tag the next team member who will repeat the process. 7. The relay continues until all team members have had a turn to add a block to the tower. 8. The team with the tallest and most stable tower at the end of the relay wins. 9. Encourage the children to communicate and work together to build their towers efficiently and effectively.

Lesson Focus 3: Humility and Respect

The lesson focuses on teaching children the importance of humility and respect towards others. It involves activities that help children recognize their strengths and limitations, appreciate others, and treat everyone with kindness. By promoting these values, children learn to value others' perspectives, practice empathy, and grow from their mistakes. Teaching humility and respect is crucial for children to develop essential character traits that contribute to their personal and social well-being. It helps them build strong relationships, resolve conflicts peacefully, and contribute positively to their communities.

Read-aloud suggestion: "The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule" by Stan and Jan Berenstain Physical Activity: Tower Obstacle Course

tower obstacle course

- Set up an obstacle course using cones, hula hoops, or other objects to represent "towers." - Guide the children through the course, encouraging them to climb over, crawl under, or go around the "towers." - Emphasize the importance of being careful and respectful while navigating the course. Recipe: Fruit Tower Skewers

fruit tower skewers

Ingredients: - Assorted fruits (e.g., strawberries, grapes, melon, pineapple) - Skewers Instructions: 1. Wash and cut the fruits into bite-sized pieces. 2. Thread the fruit pieces onto the skewers, alternating colors and shapes to create a colorful tower. 3. Serve the fruit tower skewers as a healthy snack, emphasizing the variety of fruits and the importance of enjoying different flavors. Note: Ensure the skewers are safe for toddler and preschool-aged children by using blunt-tipped skewers or removing the sharp ends. Adult supervision is always recommended during cooking and crafting activities. Recap the main lessons learned from the Tower of Babel story, such as the importance of unity, communication, humility, and respect. Encourage the children to apply these lessons in their daily lives and to appreciate the diversity of languages and cultures around them. Close the lesson with a short prayer, thanking God for the gift of communication and asking for guidance in being humble and respectful towards others.

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