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Mini Lesson: Cloud Watching and Observation Chart

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

mini lesson: cloud watching and observation chart

Welcome, young explorers, to our exciting adventure in the sky! Today, we embark on a journey to discover the ever-changing world of clouds and weather. In this special mini lesson, titled "Cloud Watching and Observation Chart," we will become cloud detectives, observing the sky above us and learning about different cloud types and how they can tell us about the weather.

Objective: To teach children about cloud types and weather observations through outdoor exploration and recording.

Materials Needed:

1. Cloud Spotting Sheet (Printable)

2. Clipboards or hard surfaces for writing/drawing

3. Pencils, crayons, or markers


Begin the lesson by discussing what clouds are and how they can be different shapes and sizes. Explain that clouds can tell us about the weather and that we'll be going outside to observe them.


1. Preparation: Ensure you have enough Cloud Spotting Sheets and materials for each child. Choose a specific time of the day to go outside.

2. Exploration: Take the children outside to an open area where they can easily look up at the sky without obstructions. Encourage them to gaze up at the sky and observe the clouds. Ask questions like, "What shapes do you see?", "Are the clouds high or low?", and "What does the sky color look like?"

cloud watching

3. Cloud Naming: As they observe the clouds, guide them to name the cloud types they see. Point out any cirrus, cumulus, stratus, or nimbus clouds if they are present.

4. Recording: Distribute the Cloud Spotting Sheets and explain how to use them. Instruct the children to draw the clouds they observe in the sky. If there are no clouds of a particular type, they can leave that section blank.

- Cloud Drawing Section: Have them draw the shapes of clouds they see in the corresponding boxes.

- Observations Section: Ask them to tick or color in other observations like "sun is out," "sun is behind the clouds," "clear blue sky," "drizzle," or "rain" based on the current weather conditions.

5. Time Limit: Set a timer for around 15-20 minutes for cloud watching and recording. Encourage them to observe and record as much as they can within this time frame.


Gather the children back together and discuss their observations. Ask questions like, "What types of clouds did you see?" and "Did the weather change during our observation time?" Have them share their Cloud Spotting Sheets with the group.

Homework (Optional):

Encourage the children to continue observing and recording the sky over the week, especially at different times of the day. They can use the same Cloud Spotting Sheet for their daily observations and compare them to see if the clouds and weather change.

This mini lesson not only teaches children about cloud types but also encourages them to be curious observers of the natural world around them. It fosters an appreciation for nature and weather patterns.

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