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Unlock the joy of learning and faith for your young ones with our rich collection of interactive Kindergarten to 2nd-grade resources, Catholic teachings, and handcrafted religious items.

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"Teacher Weena always has cool and interesting arts and crafts activities for the kids. The best part of her class is how she shares her blogs and stories."

I highly recommend the personalized rosary beads.

Each one of us has its own with our names on it.

Sis Weena even recommended the beads that suits our personality.

I ordered the St. Joseph wooden doll because he is the patron saint of a happy home. So satisfied with the product and it is a wonderful addition to my altar. Thinking of ordering Mama Mary next.

About Teacher Weena

Teacher Weena wearing a paper crafted hat from the story Ang Pambihirang sombrero

Welcome, I am Teacher Weena,  this blog is about my thoughts  and reflections as an early years teacher, a homeschooler and a Catholic wife, mother and artisan . Here, I share pre K to grade 4 lessons, activities and printables as well as resources and information for Preschool, K-2, homeschool and catholic families. I also make and sell personalized rosaries, peg doll saints, peg doll nativity sets, catholic jewelry and other religious items. My goal is to help families grow in faith and knowledge while enjoying learning and creating together. Thank you for visiting my blog and shop!

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